2013. június 13., csütörtök

Åland (Ahvenanmaa)

I visited Åland with my lovely friends. The archipelago located between Finlad and Sweden. It was our dream to get there. When we travelled by ferry to Stockholm I really wanted to see the islands but we had on the ferry an unforgettable cool party and after that I slept through that beautiful view. 
During the last week when Jana leaved home we bought the ticket and took advantage the last opportunity for have a trip to Åland.
The ship had only one stop during the 17 hours way. The ferry moored in the morning at 4:30 only for few minutes and continued voyage to Sweden. We got off  after the 12 hours cruise and arrived before sunrise. We enjoyed the whole day, while the ship came for us, and then we started the journey back to Helsinki after sunset 23:30.